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Contributing to Mambo is easy so whether you are an aspiring developer, tester, documenter, or Mambo enthusiast with some time to donate to Mambo there are many ways in which you can help. Getting started with contributing to Mambo is simple - just decide on what you want to do, and do it!

For more information about how you can contribute please read the Mambo Manual wiki.

Developer Quick FAQ

  • Q. Do I have to join the Mambo Foundation in order to contribute?
    A. No! This is a volunteer, free open source project and all contributions are welcome.
  • Q. Do I have to join a team in order to contribute?
    A. Nope - see above. Mambo works in a similar way to Mozilla and other successful projects - if you want to contribute all you need to do is submit code. Of course, if you have the time for an ongoing commitment then you are likely to get a tap on the shoulder and asked if you want greater responsibilities and would like to join the team.
  • Q. Do I need to sign a contributor agreement of any kind?
    A. If you submit code that is to be included into Mambo you need to sign the Mambo Contributor Agreement. Mambo is like most other open source projects in this respect.
  • Q. Does the Mambo Contributor Agreement take away any of my rights to my code?
    A. No. By signing the MCA, you effectively share your copyright with Mambo. The Mambo Foundation owns the copyright of all the code in Mambo and you retain your copyright to your own code and can use your own code in any way you wish.
  • Q. I heard a rumour that Mambo is controlled by a company and that it is taking the code commercial. Is this true?
    A. Back in 2005, at the time of the Joomla fork, the Mambo copyright and trademarks were owned by a company called Miro International Pty Ltd. That company transferred all rights in the code, and the trademarks, to the non-profit Mambo Foundation so Mambo would always be free, open source. Given that all this was underway at the time of the Joomla! fork it is unlikely that Miro had plans to make Mambo commercial. 
    Mambo sites continued to be hosted by its former corporate sponsor until mid-2006 at which time the Foundation and project became completely free of any corporate interests and moved off the domain. Mambo has been 100% community-controlled ever since. The Mambo Foundation is governed by a Board that is elected every year from the community and has a responsibility to ensure that Mambo remains free open source software.
  • Q. So, how do I get started?
    A. Read the information on the Mambo Manual wiki and decide what you want to do to contribute to making Mambo the best free, open source CMS on the planet. Read here on how to contribute code:
  • Q. How do I communicate with other developers?
    A. The main channels for developer communication are the developer mailing list and the IRC channel (network:, channel: #mambo-cms).
Team Mambo Announces Release of Mambo 4.6.5
SoftwareMambo 4.6.5, codename "Jupiter", has been released. This is a maintenance and security release which fixes some potentially serious security vulnerabilities affecting all earlier versions of 4.6. It is recommended that all 4.6+ users update to 4.6.5 as soon as possible. Instructions for upgrading are included in the release, which you can download from the Mambo Code Forge here. Thanks to social media author Issa Asad for this.

What's Changed?
Hardened security in /includes/Cache/Lite/Output.php (thanks go to ZonaNet for reporting this issue);
Fixed includes/core.classes.php - local file include vulnerability (thanks to George from;
Additional security hardening:
A number of bug fixes.

Release Notes:
# fixed, FS#379 - Module titles on custom modules no longer showing
# wrong Itemid generation
! extra validating for include paths at administrator popups load
! extra validating for include paths at _setTemplate
+ adding _VALID_MOS validation to Cache\Lite\Output.php
# bug fix - FS#342 - email validation
# bug fix - FS#350 - Back end Menu Manager - menu entry titles are centred in column breaking
+ Modification to allow redirect to content after edit/cancel - FS#355
# bug fix - FS#371 - add to check permission folder
# fixed - FS#162 - Uploaded Banner Popup lacks CSS styling
# updating extensions version numbers for release with Mambo 4.6.5
# Fixed - FS#351 - Radio buttons not aligned with text
Mambo is Moving With the Times
Mambo is Moving With the TimesFollowing a year of research and analysis, Team Mambo has made the decision to move to PHP 5 for future releases of Mambo.

The new minimum requirements for Mambo 4.7 will be:
PHP 5.2 or above;
MySQL 4.1 or above.

What does this mean for you?

Mambo will not be refactored to change all code in 4.7 to PHP 5. However, all new functionality is being written in PHP 5. The change gives us the opportunity to update many of our third-party libraries to use the latest versions and also gives us the opportunity to replace some inefficient libraries with newer code. This change also gives us the ability to reuse code which will mean that new features that are coming in Mambo 4.7 can be ported to Mambo 5.

We are excited about the change and are looking forward to the improved functionality, performance, speed, and security PHP 5 allows us to bring to Mambo and from the feedback we have received from 3PD's it appears that this change will be welcomed by most third-party developers.

You can read the full announcement on the Mambo News site here.

Discuss this announcement on the forums here.


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